Homophone: হোমফোন হলো একটি শব্দ যা উচ্চারণে প্রায় একই রকম হলেও উৎপত্তি, বানান এবং অর্থের ভিন্নতা আছে।

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Accept (গ্রহণ করা): I cannot accept your proposal.
Except (ব্যতিত): Everybody attended the meeting except him.

Acquaintance (পরিচিত ব্যক্তি): He is an acquaintance of mine.
Friend (বন্ধু): Is he not a friend of yours?

Artist (শিল্পী): Leonardo was a great of artist of his time.
Artisan (কারিগর): The artisan is now at his time.

Advise (উপদেশ দেওয়া): Father advised me to take up Economics.
Advice (উপদেশ): The body will not take any advice.

Altar (বেদী): The goat was sacrificed on the alter.
Alter (পুরিবর্তন): Nothing in the question paper is to be altered.

Able (সক্ষম): I am an able man.
Capable (সক্ষম): He is capable of understanding me.

Beach (সমুদ্র কূল): It is always a joy to roam about a sea beach.
Bitch (কুকুরী): The bitch gave birth to a litter one.

Break (ভাঙ্গা): The thief broke the door open.
Brake (গতিরোধক যস্ত্র): Every car must have a proper brake system.

Beside (পার্শ্বে): He sat beside me.
Besides (ব্যতীত): Besides this point, there are some other point to consider.

Bank (তীর): Hakim was wandering on the bank of the river.
Bunk (ট্রেনে ঘুমাবার স্থান): I found no bunk in the train.

Bread (রুটি): The beggar demanded more bread.
Breed (উৎপাদন করা): A good environment breeds cultured men.

Back (পিঠ): He took the bag on his back.
Beck (ইশারা): I could not grasp at his beck.

Berth (রেলে বা জাহাজে ঘুমাবার স্থান): All the berths are reserved.
Birth (জন্ম): She gave birth to a dead-child.

Better (অধিকতর ভাল): The sooner, the better.
Bitter (তিক্ত): The medicine has a bitter taste.

Bone (হাড়): The doctor set back the displaced bone in position.
Boon (আর্শীবাদ): The western culture brought us many boons.

Born (জাত): A baby was born to her.
Borne (বাহিত): Beware of water-borne disease.

Bury (পুতিয়া রাখা): The dead body was buried in the graveyard.
Berry (জাম): Children are always fond of black berries.

Bear (সহ্য করা): I can bear the oppression no more.
Bare (নগ্ন): In winter, trees stand denuded and bare.

Canvass (ভোট প্রার্থনা করা): The chairman is canvassing in  his village.
Canvas (মোটা কাপর): Our country produces a good amount of canvas.

Compliment (শ্রদ্ধা): Rabindranath was given greatest compliments for his works.
Complement (পরিপূরুক): Honesty is complement to success.

Certain (নির্দিষ্ট): He laid stress on certain aspects of his proposal.
Curtain (পর্দা): A curtain was fixed over the bed.

Custom (রীতি): Bad customs have to be done away with.
Costume (পোষাক): She put on a swimming costume.

Crops (শস্য): We had bumper crops last year.
Corps (সৈন্যদল): The corps followed the commander.
Corpse (মানুষের মৃতদেহ): A corpse was found lying by the road.

Carcass (পশুর মৃতদেহ): The farmer threw the carcass in the river.
Coarse (মোটা): Coarse rice is always cheaper.
Course (গতি): The law must take its coarse.

Cheap (সস্তা): A cheap vulgarity now prevails in the country.
Chip (খন্ড): The carpenter cut the wood into chips.
Chap (বালক): He was really a very nice chap.

Clean (পরিস্কার): The house is neat and clean.
Clan (বংশ): The clans of aborgines settled in caves.

Cannon (কামান): Babar introduced cannon in India.
Canon (নিয়ম): Social canons are to be followed strictly.

Calender (ইস্ত্রি): The calender is made in China.
Calendar (দেওয়াল পঞ্জিকা): I found out the date from the calendar.
Almanac (পুস্তক পুঞ্জিকা): The seaman had an almanac with him

Cast (নিক্ষেপ করা): The ball was cast in the air.
Caste (জাতি) : Untouchability prevails in Hindu caste.

Check (দমন করা): You should check the beast in you.
Cheque (হুন্ডি) : He gave me a cheque of Tk. 4000.00.

City (নগর): He lives in the city of Dhaka.
Town (শহর): Khulna is a small town.
Site (প্রতিষ্ঠানের নির্ধারিত স্থান) : The site was chosen for a bank.

Council (সভ্য): Mr. Abir was the chairman of our union council.
Counsel (উপদেশ): I gave him a good many counsels, but in vain.

Desert (মরুভূমি): Arabia is a country full of deserts.
Dessert (খাওয়ার পর মিষ্টান্ন পরিবেশন): They were served dessert after the meal.

Difference (পার্থক্য): There is a great deal of difference between the two brothers.
Deference (সম্মান): You must show deference to your superiors.

Die (মরা): To die is everyman’s fate.
Dye (রং করা): The cloth was dyed in red.

Disease (রোগ: The disease in him is a deep seated one.
Decease (মরা): He deceased last year.

Diary (দিনপুঞ্জি): I keep a diary with me.
Dairy (দুগ্ধ মন্থনশালা): He set up a dairy firm in here.

Deal in (ব্যবসা করা): The man deals in rice.
Deal with (ব্যবহার করা): He knows how to deal with people.

ইংরেজী গ্রামারে Homophone এর গুরুত্ব আছে।

Effect (ফল): The law has an enduring effect.
Affect (ভান করা): He affected as if he were mad.

Eligible (উপযুক্ত): Mr. Zafor is quite eligible for this job.
Illegible (যাহা পাঠ করা যায় না): Shamim’s hand writing is illegible.

Export (রপ্তানী): We export jute to Britain.
Expert (পারদর্শী): Rabindranath Tagore was an expert in literature.

Eminent (প্রসিদ্ধ): Professor Tiwary was an eminent historian.
Imminent (আসন্ন): The danger is imminent.

Farm (কৃষিক্ষেত্র): The farmer works in his farm.
Firm (দোকান): He got an appointment in the farm.

Force (বল): Newton discovered the law of the gravitational force.
Farce (হাস্যকৌতুক): The farce goes on in a corrupt society in the name of justice.

Fir (এক প্রকার গাছ): There are fir trees in abundance in hill tracts.
Fur (লোম): That uncouth animal was covered with fur all over.
Far (দূরে): The school is not far away from here.

Fair (সুন্দর, মেলা): The girl has a fair complexion. He bought it from fair.
Fare (ভাড়া): The bus fare has gone high.

Gate (ফটক): The sentry closed the gate.
Gait (গমন ভংগি): The gait of the girl is intoxicating.

Great (মহান): William Blake was a great poet.
Greet (অভিনন্দন): They greeted us at the entrance.

Germ (জীবানু): Various germs cause various diseases.
Gram (ছোলা): The horse is fond of gram.

Hale (সুস্থ): I was glad to find him hale and hearty.
Hail (শিলাবৃষ্টি): The heavy rain was followed by hail.

Honorary (অবৈতনিক): He had an honorary schooling.
Honourable (সম্মানীয়): Dr. Selim was an honorable man.
Important (গুরুত্বপূর্ণ): The question is very important.

Ill (পীড়িত): Habib has been ill for months past.
Sick (অসুস্থ): Helal became sick in the train.

Illicit (বেআইনি): Illicit goods were found in his house.
Elicit (বাহির করা): The criminal has to be elicited.

Invade (দেশ আক্রমন করা): Iraq invaded Kuwait.
Attack (আক্রমন করা): The tiger attacked the deer.
Injection (সূচ): The doctor gave him an injection.

Letter (চিঠি): I received his letter.
Latter (পরবর্তী): I would like to see the latter on of the books.

Lunch (মধ্যাহৃভোজ): Dr. Sen invited me to lunch.
Launch (পানিতে নামান): The ship was launched yesterday.

Lesson (পাঠ): He learns his lessons regularly.
Lessen (কমান): This letter of sympathy lessened his heart-ache.

Morning (প্রাত:কাল): Shamim expressed mourning at my father’s death.
Mourning (শোক): ‍Selim expressed mourning at my father’s death.

Middle (মধ্য): Do not interrupt in the middle of our conversation.
Meddle (অনিধাকার চর্চা): Never meddle with my affairs.

Metal (ধাতু): The sword was made of metal.
Mettle (তেজ): His character was full of mettle.
Medal (পদক): For regular class work I got a medal.

Manger (পশুকে খাবার দেওয়ার পাত্র): There was no food for the crow in the manger.
Manager (কর্মনির্বাহক):  The manager of the bank was found corrupt.

Mane (কেশর): The lion has mane on the neck.
Main (প্রধান): The main road was very broad.

Night (রাত্রি): The night fell on the banks of the river.
Knight (লর্ড পদবী): Rabindranath was awarded the title Knight.

Old (বৃদ্ধ): The old man was coughing in cold.
Ancient (প্রাচীন): Dhaka is an ancient city.

Pour (বর্ষণ করা বা ঢালা): He poured milk into the glass.
Pore (ছিদ্র/লোমকূপ)): Sweat was coming out through the pores.

Poem (খন্ড কবিতা): Shakespeare wrote fine poems.
Poetry (কবিতা লিখিবার কৌশল): He has an aptitude for poetry.

Physique (অংগ গঠণ): Helal was a boy of poor physique.
Physic (ঔষধ): The doctor prescribed a strong physic.

Pick (তোলা): The pick-pocket picked my pocket.
Pack (দল): A pack of robbers fell on him.
Peck (ঠোকরান) : The woodpecker pecks at the tree.

Person (ব্যক্তি): My father was a kind person.
Parson (পাদ্রী): The parson advised the rich to be kind.

Peace (শান্তি): He lost the peace of mind for his wife.
Piece (খন্ড): The car went to pieces of mind for his wife.

Principal (অধ্যক্ষ/প্রধান): Our principal passed away last night.
Principle (নীতি): Bernarnd Shaw was a man of principle.

Pray (প্রার্থনা): Muslims pray five times a day.
Prey (শিকার): Muslims pray five times a day.

Petrol (পেট্রোল তৈল): Petrol sells cheap now a days.
Patrol (টহল): The policeman patrols the city.

Quite (সম্পর্ণ): I have quite a few good friends.
Quiet (শান্ত): After the storm the ship took refuge in the haven.

Refuse (কাজ করতে অস্বীকার): He refused to help me.
Refuge (আশ্রয়): In the storm the ship took refuge in the haven.

Relation (সম্পর্ক): Bangladesh enjoys good relation with Burma.
Relative (আত্মীয়): John was a relative of mine.

Reel (সূতার গুটি): The man bought a reel from the shop.
Real (প্রকৃত): All that he said was real.

Rain (বৃষ্টি): The rain comes in torrents in rainy season.
Reign (শাসনকাল): Akbar reigned the empire peacefully.
Rein (ঘোড়ার লাগাম): To halt the horse, you got to pull the rein back.

Homophone বারবার পড়ে আয়ত্ব করতে হবে।

Sometime (ভূতপূর্ব): Mr. Salam was the sometime professor of our college.
Sometimes (মাঝে মাঝে): The two brothers falls out over the property sometimes.

Siege (অবরোধ): The enemy sieged the fort for months past.
Seize (ধরা): He seized me by the hand.

Sweet (মিষ্টান্ন): Children are always talking sweet words.
Sweat (ঘাম): Mr. Salam lived by the sweat of his brow.

Soil (মাটির উপরিভাগ): The trees spread its roots in the soil.
Sole (পায়ের তলা): A pin got stuck in his sole.
Soul (আত্মা): May his soul rest in peace.

Steal (চুরি): To steal is a crime.
Steel (ইস্পাত): The knife had steel made edges.

Simple (সরল): Nazrul had a very simple heart.
Sample (নমুনা): The dealer gathered the sample of the rice.

Silent (নীরব):  The classroom was silent during the exam.
Salient (প্রধান): The speaker touched only the salient points of the criticism.
Sour (টক): Grape fruits are sour.

Shower (বৃষ্টিপাত): It showered heavily yesterday.
Sore (ক্ষত): My wife had a sore in her palm.

Season (ঋতু): It is rainy season now.
Session (অধিবেশন): The session must be over by now.

Spelt (বানান করিয়াছিল):The child spelt the word in a wrong way.
Spilt (পড়ে যাওয়া): The milk was all spilt.
Spilt (বিদীর্ণ করা): Russia has been spilt up into several states.

State (রাষ্ট্র): India has many states in it.
Estate (সম্পত্তি): The king left a large estate behind.

Sit (বসা): Would you mind sitting here please?
Seat (আসন): The chairman took his seat.

Sell (বিক্রয় করা): Rice sells cheap now.
Sale (বিক্রয়): The goat here is for sale.
Shell (খোসা): The snail has a hard shell around.
Cell (কোষ): Robert Hook discovered cell.

Ship(জাহাজ): The Titanic was a very big ship.
Sheep (ভেড়া): The dog rounded up all the sheep.

Shadow (প্রতিবিম্ব): The apparition has no shadow.
Shade (ছায়া): The hunter sat in the shade of a tree.

Suit (সম্পর্ণ পরিচ্ছদ): Dr. Zafir was attired in the complete suit.
Suite (কক্ষাদি): They took a suite in the hotel.

Staff (যষ্টি): The flag staff was broken due to stress of weather.
Stuff (পদার্থ): Pizza is really a good stuff.

Shore (সমুদ্র উপকূল): The ship sailed away from the shore.
Sore (ক্ষত): The sore in my palm pains very much.

Test (পরীক্ষা): He passed the class test.
Taste (স্বাদ): He did not get the taste of conjugal life.

Stationery (মনোহারী): I have a stationery shop.
Stationary (স্থির): The pole star is stationary.

Want (অভাব): The rich have no want.
Want (চাওয়া): I do not want special gift.

Wand (যাদকরের কাঠি): The magician waved his magic wand.
Wonder (আশ্চর্যান্বিত হওয়া): I wonder at the stupidity of him.

White (সাদা): Rabindranath Tagore had a white bread.
Whet (শান দেওয়া): The butcher whets the knife beard.

Wick (সলিতা): The wick of the lamp has burnt out.
Weak (দুর্বল): He is very weak now.

Waist (কোমর): The girl had a very attractive waist.
Waste (অনর্থক নষ্ট করা): We should not waste time on trifles.

Wholesome (স্বাস্থ্যপ্রদ): The milk is very wholesome.
Healthy (সুস্থ): The Arabians are not healthy in character.


Zealous (আগ্রহন্বিত): Russel was zealous about social reformation.
Jealous (ঈর্ষান্বিত): Girls are jealous of each other.

Addict (খারাপ কাজে আসক্ত হওয়া): I am not addicted to smoking.
Devote (ভাল কাজে অনুরক্ত হওয়া): He is devoted to religious activities.

Addiction (খারাপ কাজে আসক্তি): I was surprised to find his addiction.
Devotion (ভাল কাজে অনুরক্তি):His devotion to truth has drawn him towards a social politics.

Admit (স্বীকার করা): Habib admitted that he knew the fact.
Confess (দোষ স্বীকার করা): The criminal confessed his crime.

Affection (স্নেহ): Every mother has affection for her child.
Affectation (ভান): His attitude was full of affectation.

Alternate (পালাক্রমে যাহা আসে): The medicine is to be taken on alternative days.
Alternative (বিকল্প): This is alternative to that.

Access (প্রবেশাধিকার): The class leader has access to the Headmaster.
Excess (অতিরিক্ত): Excess of anything is bad.

Allusion (পরোক্ষ ঘটনার উল্লেখ): The passage has an allusion to the death of Lenin.
Illusion (ভ্রম বা মায়া): The world is an illusion.

Adept (দক্ষ): Hena is adept in music.
Adapt (উপযোগী করা): The works of Byron have been adapted for children.
Adopt (গ্রহন করা): Never adopt unfair means in the exam.

Afflict (যন্ত্রনা পাওয়া): He was afflicted at my remark.
Inflict (প্রয়োগ করা): Heavy punishment was inflicted.

Assay (চেষ্টা করা): The authors assay much to produce creative works.
Essay (প্রবন্ধ): An essay reflects what the author thinks.

Wait (অপেক্ষা করা): Why do you keep me waiting.
Aught (যতটুক): For aught I know, he is an honest man.
Ought (উচিৎ): You ought to respect your teacher.

Beneficial (হিতকারী): The cow is a beneficial animal.
Beneficent (দয়ালু): The man was beneficent.

Causal (করণিক): There is a causal connection between the murder and the hiding of the man.
Casual (সাময়িক): He was granted a casual leave.

Childish (ছেলেমি (খারাপ অর্থে)): Everybody dislikes his childish activities.
Childlike (শিশুসুলভ (ভাল অর্থে)): M.K. Gandhi had a childlike simplicity.

Collision (সংঘর্ষ): The car broke down on the road in a collision.
Collusion (গোপন যোগাযোগ): The servant acted in collusion with the thief.

Coma (অজ্ঞান অবস্থা)): The pregnant woman fell into a coma.
Comma (বিরাম চিহৃ): A comma is necessary for clear meaning of a sentence.

Confidant (বিশ্বাসের পাত্র): He is my confidant.
Confident (নি:সন্দেহে): Never be too much confident of success.

Considerate (বিবেচক): A considerate man winds respect.
Considerable (যথেষ্ট পরিমান): A considerable change came over him.

Contemptible (ঘৃণ্য): A drinker is a contemptible fellow.
Contemptuous (ঘৃণাব্যঞ্জক): I was much distress at his contemptuous gesters.

Chord (জ্যা): The student drew a chord in a circle.
Corporal (শারীরিক): He was given corporal punishment.
Corporeal (শরীর বিশিষ্ট): An angel is not a corporeal being.

Credible (বিশ্বাসযোগ্যতা): What he says is credible.
Creditable (প্রশংসা): His activities against communalism are creditable.
Credulous (বিশ্বাস প্রবণ): Children are by nature credulous.

Dearness (দুর্মূল্য): The labourers went on strike for dearness allowance.
Dearth (অভাব): There is no dearth of fresh water in the village.

Decent (শিষ্ট): Jamal is a decent boy.
Descent (অবতরণ):The descent of the mountain is not easy.
Dissent (ভিন্নমত): The speaker dissented the bill.

Defer (ভবিষ্যতের জন্য স্থগিত রাখা): We should not defer any work for tomorrow.
Differ (ভিন্নমত বা আকারের হওয়া): The speakers differed on the issue.

Defective (ত্রুটিপূর্ণ): Our society is based on a defective structure.
Deficient (কাঁচা): Taleb is deficient in English.

Delicate (কমনীয়): The girl has a delicate appearance.
Delicious (সুস্বাদু): Milk is a delicious food.

Dependant (আশ্রিত ব্যক্তি): A dependant should be treated well.
Dependent (নির্ভরশীল): I am still dependent on my father.

Draft (মুসাবিদা): The letter was drafted by the clerk.
Draught (চুমুক): The man finished the milk aat a draught.
Drought (অনাবৃষ্টি)): Drought caused less crops this year.

Earthen (মাটির তৈরী): The earthen pot breaks easily.
Earthly (পার্থিব): A saint does not care for earthly gains.

Economic (আর্থিক): The economic condition of our country is poor.
Economical (মিতব্যয়ী): He is economical in every respect.

Felicity (সুখ): We felt great felicity of our victory.
Facility (সুযোগ সুবিধা): Every facility was given to watch the game.

Forcible (বলপূর্বক): The army checked all forcible attacks.
Forceful (তেজস্বী): Fazlul Haque delivered the speech in forceful voice.

Gaol (জেল): Nehru spent some 20 years in gaol.
Goal (উদ্দেশ্য/লক্ষ্যস্থল): He achieved his goal.

Gentle (শান্ত): A cow is a gentle animal.
Genteel (ভব্য, শিষ্ট): He has cultivated genteel manners.

Ghastly (ভয়ানক): The audience could not stand the ghastly spectacle.
Ghostly (ভৌতিক): When he entered the deserted room, he had a ghostly feeling.

Graceful (সুন্দর): I like the graceful appearance of the girl.
Gracious (দয়ালু): Our Prophet was a gracious man.

Haven (বন্দর): The ship alternated its course towards the haven.
Healthy (স্বাস্থ্যবান): Exercise is necessary to keep healthy.
Healthful (স্বাস্থ্যপ্রদ): Over exercise is not at all healthful.

Historic (ইতিহাস প্রসিদ্ধ): Dhaka is a historic city.
Historical (ঐতিহাসিক): The place really had some historical interest.

Human (মানবীয়): To err is human.
Humane (দয়ালু): He was by nature humane.

Imaginary (কাল্পনিক): Hasem Khan drew an imaginary figure.
Imaginative (কল্পনাপ্রবণ): Tagore was an imaginative poet.

Imperial (রাজকীয়): The imperial procession was led by the leader.
Imperious (উদ্ধত): I hate him much for his imperious behavior.

Impudent (বেয়াদব): He is out and out impudent.
Imprudent (অবিবেচক): An imprudent fellow never prospers in life.

Industrial (শিল্প সংক্রান্ত): Dhaka is an industrial city.
Industrious (পরিশ্রমী): Be industrious in life.

Judicial (বিচার বিভাগীয়): A country goes to dust due to judicial corruption.
Judicious (সুবিবেচিত): The judge gave his judicious verdict.

Lightening (হাল্কাকরণ): The cargo was jettisoned for lightening the ship.
Lightning (বিদ্যুৎ): The lightning killed three men in the street.

Lose (হারন): I always lose patience with him.
Loose (ঢেলে): He is said to have loose character.

Lovable (যাহা ভালবাসার উদ্রেক করে): How can a man look away such a lovable.
Lovely (সুন্দর): The scenery is really lovely.

Luxuriant (সমৃদ্ধ): The tree has a luxuriant growth.
Luxurious (বিলাসী): He lives a luxurious life.

Memorable (স্মরণীয়): The battle of Palasey is memorable in history.
Memorial (স্মৃতিচিহৃ): There stands the memorial of Shakespeare.

Momentary (ক্ষণস্থায়ী): Worldly happiness is momentary.
Momentous (গুরুত্বপূর্ণ): The issue is really very momentous.

Moral (নীতিবাক্য): The story contained a moral at the end.
Morale (মনোবল): The army lost its morale.

Official (অফিস সংক্রান্ত): He went to Dhaka for an official meeting.
Officious (অবাঞ্চিত): Officious persons must keep out.

Piety (ধর্মাভাব): Our Prophet was admired for his piety.
Pity (অনুকম্পা): It is a pity that you can not read.

Plain (সমতল): Cavemen settled down in plain lands by the river.
Plane (উড়োজাহাজ): The plane took off in a moment.

Popular (জনপ্রিয়): Nazrul was a popular poet.
Populous (জনবহুল): Dhaka is populous city.

Practical (ব্যবহারিক): The teacher gave me a practical problem.
Practicable (সম্ভাব্য): We have to follow the regulations as far as practicable.

Precede (আগে যাওয়া): The subject precedes the verb in a sentence.
Proceed (অগ্রসর হওয়া): The case proceeded smoothly.

President (রাষ্ট্রপতি হওয়া): The president is all in all in our country.
Prescribe (ব্যবস্থা করা): The Doctor prescribed medicine for me.
Proscribe (বাজেয়াপ্ত করা): The property was proscribed by the government.

Register (খাতাপত্র): The clerk opened the register.
Registerer (খাতাপত্র রক্ষক): He got the job of a registerer.

Respectable (সম্মানীয়): Superiors are always respectable.
Respectful (সম্ভ্রমপূর্ণ): Mr. Selim was respectful in his behaviour.
Respective (স্ব স্ব): Every student must do his respective job.

Right (অধিকার): Every citizen must stand up to his right.
Rite (আচার, রীতি): Hindus have different rites form rites.

Sanguine (আশান্বিত): I am sanguine of success.
Sanguinary (রক্তপূর্ণ): The battle was sanguinary.

Social (সামাজিক): Man is a social creature.
Sociable (মিশুক): My father is very sociable.

Sole (পায়ের বা জুতার তলা): The sole of my shoe went loose.
Sole (একমাত্র): He is the sole distributor of these goods.

Temporal (পার্থিব): Some people seek temporal happiness.
Temporary (অস্থায়ী): The happiness of life is temporary.

Urban (শহুরে): Bernard Shaw led an unban life.
Urbane (ভদ্রোচিত): Urbane manners must be appreciated.
Verbal (মৌখিক): The answer of the president was verbal.

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